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Skilled Digital Marketing Professional with 10 Years' Experience

BA in Film and Media from University of Stirling with a focus on Advertising & Digital Media with additional certifications in Personal Branding, Content Strategy, Engaging Audiences and Viral Marketing


13 years ago, I finished high school in Lithuania and as I’m always on the lookout for adventure, I moved to Scotland to the historic city of Stirling, once the ancient capital. There I attended university to study media communications. During the 4-year period of my degree course I began my love affair with Scotland, the people, the mountains, and the lochs. I decided to stay in this proud country the land of clans, tartan, whisky and of course the unpredictable weather: which at times is often described as being dreich; but as the Scots say, wait 10 minutes.       

Since my university days in Stirling, I have moved on and I am currently based in Edinburgh, the modern-day capital, centre of government and business hub of Scotland. I truly believe every one of us has a unique set of skills that can be used to benefit the world. 

After many years working in marketing and customer service for media, property, travel and the financial industries, my aim is to demonstrate how any business, service or skill can be developed to make our life better. For me, providing the best possible service for my clients and exceeding their expectations is the most rewarding part of my job.

Let’s Start Working Together!

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