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Brand Audit



What are the benefits of hiring a branding expert?

  • Helps you assess the weaknesses and strengths of your business

  • Gives you a concise and clear summary of what you need to do next to improve your website, social media platforms and online presence

  • Provides clarity, focus and direction for your organisation


A powerful brand is capable of captivating, inspiring, and engaging a broad target audience. Are you happy with your brand and marketing performance? Are you hitting your targets and achieving your goals? Would you appreciate an impartial opinion and help to Identify & resolve any issues? Brand audit is a powerful and highly effective service that provides a range of invaluable marketing insights. 



What are my skills and achievements as a branding expert?

Digital marketing strategy: developed, implemented, tracked and optimized digital marketing campaigns through email, web, and social media advertising

Campaign strategy and management: developed content for paid campaigns and ensured all visual and copy were concise, compelling, and on-brand 

Online marketing: created & executed online marketing strategies with engaging content to gain more clients 


Social media: produced content for all client social channels and managed Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising for various accounts

My Experience and Skills


Basic Plan

Services, such as:

  • Brand audit

  • Social media marketing

  • Market research

  • Multilingual services

Starting from £399

Advanced Plan


Services, such as:

  • Content writing

  • Website development

  • Business development

  • Travel management


Starting from £699

Custom Plan

Suitable for Your Needs

Have a single task that you would like me to do? Send your request and I will get back to you with an estimate.



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