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What are the benefits of hiring a multilingual assistant?

•    Gives you a competitive advantage
•    Bolsters client loyalty and satisfaction
•    Helps improve your product
•    Facilitates customer communication

It is a given, that most people would like to communicate using their own language, not only does this result in more accurate communication regarding what the customer wants. It also tends to reduce barriers that can arise from cultural differences thus leading to more open and honest communication and hopefully because of this positive experience an increase in trust between the business and the client.


Having established trust, your client should feel more comfortable when doing business with you. Multilingual customer support tends to increase loyalty to your product.  


Therefore, there is more likelihood of your client returning to your company to do more business. There is also the possibility that they will in turn recommend your company to their business associates with similar requirements. From my personal experience in providing multilingual support if your client has had a good experience in their own language, they are likely to return.



What are my skills and achievements as a multilingual assistant?

Multilingual support: provided customer support services including e-mail and inbound calling to Russian and Lithuanian speaking clients


Communication skills: managed company accounts including bookings and reservations from the Russian speaking markets


Translating: was involved in the design, editing and translating of marketing materials such as leaflets and advertisements to attract more guests in Russian and English languages

Interpreting: assisted Russian and Lithuanian speaking people who have great difficulty expressing their needs in English during medical appointments and council meetings

My Experience and Skills

Basic Plan

Services, such as:

  • Brand audit

  • Social media marketing

  • Market research

  • Multilingual services

Starting from £399

Advanced Plan


Services, such as:

  • Content writing

  • Website development

  • Business development

  • Travel management


Starting from £699

Custom Plan

Suitable for Your Needs

Have a single task that you would like me to do? Send your request and I will get back to you with an estimate.



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